December 2016 Chat

Hello! Hope everyone’s having a great weekend.  :)

It looks like my steady blogging rhythm is to post something every two weeks. (This is merely an observation and not a promise.) I was struggling all week to get through a 700-page manuscript and write a report on it, getting in sad two-page reads over hurried lunches, precariously balancing coffee mug and shuffly papers on crowded subway rides, and desperately trying not to doze off prematurely during those precious hours between dinner and bed. And when Big Boss Editor told me she had been getting up at 5am to edit while sick, I felt guilty as hell but still dragged my ass through that report and finally turned it in just before fleeing from work yesterday.

I’m still adjusting is what I’m trying to say, and trying to work out my role in this industry while learning what it’s about.

My job is mostly admin on surface level but also editorial, which requires judgement, and I’ve never really had to hold positions where personal judgement matters so much. The reason for the steady pileup of work is because we’re not really built to be efficient and streamlined so much as dedicated to pinpointing the best and refining them to become even better. This applies not just to the final book products but to everything related to its making and marketing behind the scenes.

I am still adjusting but I feel very stupid and ignorant right now. It’ll come together eventually, but I’m eager to stop saying “I don’t know” with as much frequency as I currently do.

Work aside, I wanted to use this blog to talk about issues that fill and cloud the mind, without limit and restriction, but now I can’t even talk about the books I work on because I don’t want company presence looming over this space. And I think that we’re all equally tired of the horrible news being blasted non-stop over various media streams, not to mention many of us are feeling similarly on these matters anyway. So where does that leave me today on a gloriously lazy Saturday?

Well, I slept in (omg, I miss sleeping in soooo much) and decided not to stress out about cleaning or reading ahead or buying holiday gifts. I read a bit for pleasure, then found interesting articles that didn’t depress. In fact, here they are, if you’re interested:

I’m really looking forward to that week off between Christmas and New Year’s Day. My plan is to stay cheerful, cozy, and frugal. It’s already difficult, with December filling up with gatherings and events centred around gluttony and spending, but I have to remind myself that I am now exactly where I wanted to be and there’s nothing more that I need to be content. In fact, I’ve scrapped that entire wish list from the previous post and decided the only object I need within the month is a medium-size pot for more soup-making. And instead of piling up garbage bags full of discards for donations to some imagined sanctuary, I’ve taken to carrying around extra belongings that I don’t need and literally handing them to homeless people on the streets. I don’t care how they got there or what they do with the stuff; it matters that more people are warm. I’m also going to be cutting down the amount of grocery I buy each month. I think that my relationship with food has slowly been changing. It’s not all worked out yet and still in transition, but I’m definitely eating less meat and carbs and not missing them.


Anyhoo. Let’s not stress so much and just hygge.

World in turmoil and we’re… shopping?

Black Friday loometh, and I must insulate myself against the bargains, coupons, emails, and ever-present temptation. I’ve spotted more than a few blog posts and tweets talking about finding comfort from the terrifying political climate in the regularity of the mundane, and I am far from immune to that line of thinking as well. It also coincided with the start of a new job, and I’ve been considering yet another revised persona to present to my new world. Looking pulled together and charming shouldn’t be so bloody difficult, but here we are, seven mall voyages later.

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I originally drafted a post bitching about the colder weather and shorter days, but screw being a whiny ingrate. I have a lot to be thankful for at the moment, and while today was amazing in its unevenfulness, it was equally amazing being free to enjoy a fine fall Sunday without responsibilities or heavy burden.


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October 2016 Chat


Hello! Hope everyone is doing well. It’s been a crazy few weeks, but I’m finally installed nicely in the new place, and sister’s wedding went off without a hitch. It was a trial though, trying to swap living spaces and prep for a wedding at the same time; I really don’t advise overlapping the two.

If you know me offline and can get yourself over to the far west end of Toronto, come on over for dinner and drinks! I love the convenience of a condo, I like my roommate, and I’m enjoying cobbling together household items and decor. I managed to drag over two of the bigger bookshelves to add to the one that was already here, and they complement the previously empty corners and high ceilings nicely in the living room.


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Weekend at Westport, Ontario

So, more craziness going on at Chez Liz! But luckily I had a couple of days to get away from it all, at a luxury cottage resort called Wolfe Spring in a town called Westport, located about three hours northwest of Toronto, halfway between Ottawa and Kingston.


Its greatest draw is the clean water where small fish and frogs hang out together on the shore! It was a beautiful and calm sunny day when we arrived, and we had the beach all to ourselves. I loved the quiet and stillness, broken only by the rhythmic sound of the row boat rocking gently against the wooden dock.


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